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Come together with culture-makers, technologists, professionals, & community builders alike for week long celebration of what inspires Tucson.

Pioneers of the future.

A dynamic, week-long festival bringing together a wide range of people and interests to share perspectives and create innovative solutions.

Stronger communities.

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About the festival

Cross paths

TENWEST Festival is building the new frontiers of Tucson. Experience a week long celebration where arts, technology, communities, and entrepreneurship cross paths.

October 21 – 28, 2016  |  Downtown Tucson


The Arts Path features Film Fest Tucson, live music, mixers, discussions, and daily workshops that connect artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs together.


The Technology Path features 3 days of workshops, demos, and panel discussions from thought leaders in topics like Augmented Realty, 3D-Printing, and Podcasting.


The Communities Path celebrates and explores the culture of Tucson and the southwest via engaging panels and activities, wrapping up the week with TEDx Tucson.


The Entrepreneurship Path is four days of focused tactical skill building for professionals who are growing, improving, or just starting out.

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