I have an idea, now what?

Aaron Eden talks about the right early-stage steps for startups and entrepreneurs

Aaron Eden, COO and co-founder of Moves the Needle, shares his thoughts on what entrepreneurs need to do before even discussing money and funding.

Entrepreneurs need to solve problems. Eden states, “You need to ask yourself: How do I find important problems in the world that can solve the highest amount of pain for a potential customer base? And the solution is not a vitamin, but a full strength cure like morphine. The next question to ask is: What is the frequency of that pain? Does this re-occur often, rarely, or once?”

Eden and his partners solved both the pain and frequency of pain for their customers by forming Moves the Needle. They recognized that innovators and entrepreneurs did not have the tools to move as fast as they needed to, from new product development to internal process improvement. Now their clients unlock new growth opportunities by thinking and acting in new ways.

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize how long it takes to bring a product or service to market, nor do they know how to measure the strength of the pain of their potential customers. A key factor for success is by “Getting to a first small segment of paying, passionate customers,” said Eden.

The efforts to build a small or big business are the same – find the customer’s that love your solution and can’t live without it, because it solves their pain. Eden states “When you have a solution and are doing your market research, deliver a viable and bold solution and push the boundaries from your customer’s perspective.”

“Once you have identified the solution and key customers, your next step is to prove that you can attract other customers that look and behave just like them and solve their problem. This is when it starts looking like a business. Anytime before this is too early to meet with investors.”

Why are you presenting at TENWEST? Eden said, “I am a native Tucsonan and grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. I was supported but also had a lot to learn. Now I can give back to entrepreneurs in the Tucson community.”

And what do you hope the attendees will take away from the presentation?
Ideas are great but it’s all about execution.
First-time founders focus on a solution in search of a problem – that is the incorrect order.
Good entrepreneurs are problem solvers. The first phase, no matter what, is deep customer empathy. Without this everything else becomes difficult.

Aaron Eden, COO and co-founder of Moves the Needle, will provide the interactive presentation “I have an idea. Now what?” on Monday, October 24, 2016 from 2:00 pm – 3:00pm. The full entrepreneurship path runs from Monday, October 24 through Thursday, October 27. Get your ticket to TENWEST today!

Author – Theresa Mary Fischer

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