Time: 8am–5pm | Location: TCC

Sonoran Cloud City Conference

The UA College of Optical Sciences in partnership with numerous University of Arizona and Southern Arizona partners is proud to present a new conference during Tucson’s TENWEST Festival.

With the significant growth of the world population now living in urban areas, organizations across sectors need to tackle the challenges this brings. The Sonoran Desert region is facing similar questions of how the promise of the cloud, big data, and innovative technologies can impact areas such as transportation, water, energy, and waste. How can leaders collaborate on new innovations to significantly impact the life of citizens in the region? What do sustainable solutions look like within a cloud city based in the desert?

MORNING KEYNOTE: Jay Liebowitz is the morning keynote, and he will be talking about his photonics experience and time at Princeton Lightwave – a LIDAR company that was acquired by ArgoAI/Ford. In addition to sharing about his entrepreneurial journey, he will talk about the impact that connected vehicles will have on the cloud and the needs of city infrastructure, energy, etc.

LUNCHEON: Building a Sustainable Cloud to Support Smart Cities and Economic Development
Join us for this exciting lunch as we kick-off featuring faculty from the University of Arizona who will be discussing some of their research on cloud optical networks, renewable energy, and materials that can support the continued growth of the cloud for companies and cities across the globe. Following lunch, a panel of Southern Arizona executives will share how the cloud, big data, and other technologies are impacting their own company strategies for infrastructure, sustainability, and smart city development.

AFTERNOON: IBM Anniversary Celebration At the end of the day, IBM will host a panel to discuss their 70th anniversary in Arizona and how local Tucson employees helped drive critical data storage innovations and cloud technologies. The panel will also discuss the future of IBM & the cloud. Following the panel, IBM employees and Sonoran Cloud City participants will be able to meet during a closing networking event.

Partner: UA College of Optical Sciences

College of Optical Science_Sonoran Cloud City



Industry Leaders Breakfast that highlights companies in Arizona’s up-and-coming industries including mining, aerospace, autonomous vehicles, etc. (Industry Leaders Breakfast is a $50 add-on experience.


Panels, workshops, and speaker presentations on:

  • Smart Building: Construction, IoT and Buildings
  • Smart Water: Supply, Consumption
  • Smart Energy: Supply, Consumption
  • Smart Waste: Manufacturing, Circular Service Delivery
  • Smart Industry: Agriculture & Sustainability, Mining & Sustainability


Lunch Featuring University of Arizona Data-Center Initiative and a keynote on Cloud Cities: Transportation & Autonomous Vehicles (Keynote Lunch is a $50 add-on experience.


Panels, workshops, and speaker presentations on:

  • Smart Planning: Data-Driven Planning, Sharing & Interoperability, Dat & Innovation
  • Smart Environments: Connected Neighborhoods, Natural Resource Conservation, Big Data & Invasive Species
  • Smart Public Safety: Early Warning, First Responder
  • Smart Healthcare: Emergency Health, IoT & Healthcase, Senior Health
  • Smart Transportation: Autonomous vehicles, Traffic, Transit


Downtown Social Bike Ride | 5–6pm

Downtown Social Bike Ride with Living Street Alliance & TuGo Bikes. Take a leisurely stroll through downtown while expert guides point to landmarks of interest– the stories that make up our downtown. The end of the bike ride drops you at the campus of the University of Arizona for the second part of the celebration evening. Free bikes provided by TuGo bikes.

UA Discover Days | 6–8pm

Open bio and technology labs for all passport holders.