Our Mission

TENWEST Impact Festival helps the curious and the impassioned solve the great challenges facing our community by inspiring ideas and facilitating connections that empower them to act.

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TENWEST began in 2015 as Tucson’s answer to South By Southwest, but has since developed into something much more uniquely Tucson. This October 15,000 local, regional, and national attendees will come together to focus on solutions for creating social, environmental, and economic impact.

Our sponsors, including our title sponsor The University of Arizona, believe that TENWEST can transform our region.  “We are excited to announce to the community that the University of Arizona has made a long term commitment to support the TENWEST Festival….The festival creates the perfect platform for visionary individuals and organizations, working on solving our region’s biggest problems, to come together and learn, connect, and be inspired by one another. We value that the festival places an equal emphasis on big ideas in the arts, sciences and social impact because these are the pillars that sets Tucson apart.” – BOBBY ROBBINS, University of Arizona President

What you can expect: Professionals, thought-leaders, creatives, educators, entrepreneurs, academics, and students joining together to explore transformative ideas in business, technology, education, sustainability, social impact, and creative arts.

TENWEST Impact Festival creates a platform and a model for communities like ours to tackle the grand challenges of our generation — together. TENWEST features a full ten days of over 100 unique events and experiences for all ages. This is made possible by over 25 leading organizations, an ambassador’s council filled with thought leaders and entrepreneurs from our own community, and the Startup Tucson team working together to elevate, disrupt, and reinvigorate 21st century communities.

  • 1.7 Million Social Impressions
  • 500,000 Dollars Raised
  • 480,000 Outdoor Media Exposure
  • 335,000 Page Views
  • 47,000 Online Engagements
  • 57,500 Prize Money Granted
  • 480,000 Outdoor Media Exposure

Current Tenwest Festival Media

2019 Tenwest Impact Festival Teaser

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