TENWEST Pavilion: Heritage Pop-Up Market

Heritage Pop-Up Market in Tucson Meet Yourself TENWEST Pavilion: October 11-13, 2019 | Open daily from 11am – 6pm

Presented by Agave Heritage Festival and McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with TENWEST, Sysco, UNESCO Tucson City of Gastronomy 

Interactive experience in the heart of Tucson Meet Yourself showcasing the abundance of heritage products from our Tucson community. 

The pop-up market will have four activations within the walls:

  • Sysco Produce Market – highlighting their dedication and commitment to local produce and farmers. Look forward to learning more about Sysco’s position in Tucson and their desire to create access to local produce to the community.
  • Agave Heritage Festival Mezcaleria – learn about the expansive list of agave spirits, their denomination of origin, and the cultural impact within the Sonoran Region and beyond. Sip and learn about mezcal from some of the most notable figures in the mezcal world and find out how to add agave spirits to your home bar.
  • Heritage Market Place – step into a pop-up store front filled with products from Tucson-centric companies. Learn about upcoming startup businesses that have gone through the McGuire Center Heritage Food Startup Series, including pitch winner Alan Kohler of AZ Baking Company. Interact with the products and learn where you can purchase them to take home!
  • TENWEST Lounge – Take a break from the crowds and relax in this comfortable lounge where you can learn more about the pop-up heritage market and where you can pickup the local vendor products, as well as learning more about the TenWest Festival!

If you are excited to explore even more great content in TENWEST Pavilion, we will also be featuring the Local First Roadshow! Check it out!

Read more about TENWEST Impact Festival at Tucson Meet Yourself.

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