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In 2018, TENWEST was able to generate a significant buzz and expand our reach through attendance and ticket sales. We draw influencers, creatives, leaders, and innovators. In short, exactly the type of people your company is looking to connect with.

TENWEST grows larger each year, meaning more visibility for your organization. We expect 2019 to be our most successful year yet, with more events, speakers and experiences than ever before. We will welcome over 10,000 attendees to our diverse lineup of free and paid events.


Sponsorship Benefits

Depending on your marketing and community engagement objectives, you can choose how much visibility your organization has within the festival and which audiences you would like to reach. You can choose to have visibility:

  • In the months leading up to the festival and across all days and audiences
  • On a specific day or event within the festival
  • Within a specific signature event (such as a luncheon or mixer)
  • Within a specific track or experience
  • On a specific art piece or festival component

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The quality of speakers and content at TENWEST is better than I’ve seen at similar startup week events in much larger cities. The combination of tech with the arts and music provides something for everyone.

" - Eric L. | Avnet Corporation, Phoenix, AZ

The TENWEST event provides a unique opportunity for the collaboration of our community’s best resources. Together, we can combine our efforts to improve STEM education. By sharing and building on each other’s strengths, we can create a workforce that will lead the very change for the future we all dream of and hope for.

" - Kathleen A. Bethel | CEO SARSEF

Great conference. Very energizing… very thought provoking. I like how entertainment is showcased organically through the event. (The event is a) very effective way of showing us different vendors… and every moment counts, which I appreciate.

" - Tina Lee | Assistant VP, Communications and Special Events | Greater New York Hospital Association | GNYHA

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Partnership Benefits

As a collective impact model, TENWEST partners with artists, organizations, and thought-leaders who share our vision.  Our partners spearhead curating programming, events, workshops, art pieces and tracks within TENWEST. Are you interested in being a partner of  TENWEST? Sign up to get more information about 2019 and 2020 opportunities.

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One of the greatest examples of the development and curation of entrepreneurial mindsets in Southern Arizona is the TENWEST festival. 17 years ago, IdeaFunding existed as a completely different conference. All of the different sessions that make up TENWEST festival make it the best bargain in town and the best use of dollars invested in creating a giant spotlight ion a focal point for the entrepreneurial community in southern Arizona. TENWEST is a brilliant shining example of something we should do over and over and over again.

" - Cristie Street | CEO Nextrio

This is an exciting time for all of us. TENWEST is becoming a very important part of an ecosystem we are all proud of. We believe this has the potential to be the premier startup or tech event in the Southwest. Our focus is really on startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship networking. You’re really beginning to see the chemistry that makes an innovation environment work. TENWEST has evolved into the preeminent tech conference or festival, particularly in the Southwest. It’s really designed to celebrate the startup economy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup companies. Last year we had 5000 people, and we’re expecting to see twice that this year.

" - Fletcher McCusker | UAVC

We are recognized as a world festival and event city by the interntional festival and events association because of an intentional effort to understand what drives cities, [TENWEST] really centers around urban innovation districts.

" - Jonathan Rothschild | Mayor, City of Tucson

We are honored at the ACA to be involved with everything here in Tucson, including business expansion and attraction, and of course our startup world. It has evolved as we have with IdeaFunding and TENWEST. We are really honored to be a key sponsor

" - Randy Gustafson | Senior Vice President, Innovation, Arizona Commerce Authority

We really want this to be about collaboration, innovation, and impact. At McGuire we talk about economic value creation, social value creation, and cultural value creation, and this is a big thing that a lot of cities miss. It’s about how we really solve problems and raise everyone. This inclusive design, that sustainability, has really been resonating with big, national companies like Google and Adobe are saying they want to be a part of this. It’s different than what everyone else is doing

" - Rick Yngve | Director, UA McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship

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