Alejandra Pablos

The Impact of Social Movements -
14:00 pm 10/14/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

Everyday, grassroots organizations organize, educate and empower themselves and their communities to force neighborhood change and sway municipalities to do the things they have failed to previously act on. This panel will look at the impact of social movements, grassroots organizations, and community organizers who have fulfilled the needs caused by systemic issues. From Sanctuary Cities, to Mass Liberation, reproductive health, and sustainability; these activists/organizers have empowered armies that have turned cities upside-down overnight.

Alejandra Pablos is a nationally recognized immigrant and reproductive rights activist, who was recently detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement for 43 days; communities nationwide organized to bring her home after she was granted a bond. In both her professional and personal roles, Alejandra focuses on “community defense” education. She fights the multiple systems that are oppressing women and families by challenging narratives about brown and criminalized people. Growing up in Arizona, one of the toughest sentencing and over-policed states, has informed her activism around immigration and mass incarceration. She is story-teller with We Testify where she shares her abortion story as an act of resistance and liberation. She is also a member of Mijente, a national political home for Latinx organizers, and has worked with many immigrant rights and prison abolition organizers throughout the country.