Andrew Lettes

Raytheon Leaders In Education Plenary Panel -
08:30 am 10/16/2019
Copper Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

Discover classroom teachers that are at the cutting edge of innovation in a discussion between the winners of Raytheon Leaders In Education Award, leadership from Raytheon, and leadership from Tucson Values Teachers.

Andrew Lettes, Ph. D. is a 26 year veteran science teacher at Pueblo High School in Tucson Arizona. To meet the needs of his school’s underrepresented students, he transformed his AP Biology class into a Career and Technical Education program, Bioscience. Since the development of Dr. Lettes’ biotechnology program, nine other schools in the Tucson area have instituted biotechnology programs. Dr. Lettes has been instrumental in the development of these programs at other schools. Andrew Lettes is the current high school teacher recipient of the Raytheon Leaders in Education Award. He continues to work with teachers and inspire students to consider a career in science.