Bruce Bayly

The Art and Science of Making Musical Instruments -
14:30 pm 10/16/2019
Apache/Cochise, Tucson Convention Center

Every musical instrument has 3 basic parts: an energy source, a resonator that vibrates, and a radiator that transmits the vibrations through the air to a listener’s ears. Generations of humans have created an amazing variety of instruments whose unique sounds enable us to express ourselves in the universal language of music. UA Math Professor Bruce Bayly will bring a variety of instruments and other sound-making devices that illustrate the physical principles. Hands-on work will show how you can make and use your own instruments with your classes.

Dr. Bruce Bayly has taught Math at the University of Arizona since 1988. In the early 2000’s he started the mobile outreach programs The Physics Factory and Arizona Math Road Show that inspire children with the excitement of science. Besides working with teachers and students in many Tucson area schools and youth programs, Dr. Bayly has collaborated with Children’s Museum Tucson, the National Museum of Mathematics in New York, and the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.