Cameron Taylor

Reimagining the Village: A Shared Vision of Education and Community Building for Today and Beyond -
10:00 am 10/16/2019
Graham/Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

We have all heard the adage, “It takes a village,” but can we really contextualize the meaning in the rapidly and wildly changing urban world in which most of us live? That term, “village,” encompasses technical variance across cultures, but is always rooted in connection and a shared responsibility for one another, two of the foundational values underpinning the efforts of Imago Dei Middle School.

Imago Dei Middle School is an independent private school serving exclusively low-income families throughout Tucson. Although our student body is incredibly diverse academically, culturally, experientially and spiritually, the school’s mission is singular: to break cycles of poverty through education. We do this by working to build and maintain connection; with our students and their families, with the immediate community around us, with the communities of support behind us, and to the broader world ahead of our students. We share this responsibility with all members of our school community, our families and graduates, our donors, partners, and the countless others who make up a village reimagined.

Cameron Taylor (BA University of Arizona) is Head of School for Imago Dei Middle School in downtown Tucson. Longtime Director of Graduate Support and Enrichment at Imago Dei, Cameron is now responsible for all aspects of school operations, development, finance, and staff. He believes that working together, across platforms and disciplines, can provide our students a broader foundation to continue building inspired, healthy, successful lives.