Cindy Jordan

Digital Health Innovations -
14:00 pm 10/14/2019
Graham, Tucson Convention Center

Digital health, the intersection of technology and healthcare systems, is aimed at making healthcare more effective, efficient, and personalized. This panel features local startups working in this space and a discussion of the the role of digital health in increasing equity to health services. Moderated by Nirav Merchant.

Like most entrepreneurs Cindy’s career has been eclectic. Starting as a police officer right of college, where she learned what the true definition of a “bad day” is and applied this to running her own business. Nothing in a start-up can be as bad as working midnights in a suburb of Washington DC! From there, she spent time in DC applying her degree and worked as a political fundraiser. The skill of selling passion and getting folks to give money to that passion would be valuable as an entrepreneur. After moving to Tucson, Arizona in 2001, Cindy worked as the Lead Strategists in a marketing agency, it was here where the idea for Medical Referral Source was born. After starting MRS in 2010 and successfully exiting in 2013 – Cindy continued to work on growing MRS (now known as Crimson Medical Referrals) within the Advisory Board company as Managing Director.

Cindy is the founder and CEO of her second healthcare technology start-up Pyx Health. Pyx Health was born out of a personal experience with a family member who lives with a behavioral health diagnosis. Through that experience, she knows that if we can maximize the power of family, friends and loved ones as part of the healthcare system we will transform how people receive their care, and how they are cared for.