Danny Vinik

Successfully Submitting to a Distributor -
11:00 am 10/15/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

It is said distribution is the second-most difficult thing to secure, after financing. Come hear from veteran distributors what it is they are looking for in a submission.

College in four states / Many credits, no degree / Punk rocker from the Mudd Club to Berlin / Wrote a novel that was published / Recorded an LP that was distributed / Filmmaker / Entrepreneurial nature led to runs as a club promoter in the ‘90s / Early cyber creater / Plumber / Incorporated and trademarked BRINK / Produced Spun (2003) / Directed TV Party (2005) / Produced The Last New Yorker (2007) / Directed Flor de Muertos (2011) / Married Mary Ann Brazil (1989) / Rehabs adobe properties / Activist daughter activates immigration issues / Restores vintage automobiles, including a 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider and a 1974 BMW 2002 tii / USTA 4.0 tennis player