Darcy Van Patten

21st Century User Experience – Human Design Meets High Tech to Deliver Personalized Service at Scale -
10:00 am 10/18/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

Today’s students demand user experiences that adapt to their unique needs and reflect their preferences and universities want to help students succeed, and build trust and life-long affinity. The University of Arizona’s Trellis program is delivering a Salesforce enabled relationship management solution to help the University optimize constituent experience. Voice of the customer, design thinking, and lean/agile methods focus the team’s talent on building the right solutions. Data strategy and institutional norming about privacy power appropriate use of data for predictive analytics, AI driven personalization, and digital marketing automation. Data drives experiences, and the University is working toward a high-quality, comprehensive student profile to fuel personalization at scale. In addition hearing about the University’s work toward a 21st century student experience, attendees will also learn how the emergent technology of Blockchain has been refocused to provide a trust network for universities to share student data. This frictionless transfer of trusted information, coupled with digital credentials, creates a new foundation to support learning across a lifetime.

Darcy Van Patten is the Executive Director for digital transformation, and student and academic technologies at the University of Arizona. In this role, Darcy is responsible for facilitating co-creation of a shared vision for optimizing the university’s strategic relationships, with strong focus on the student life-cycle experience and enabling instructional excellence. She directly leads technology and product innovation teams that design, build, and run the university’s student information system, academic technologies, classroom technology, student computing resources, mobile, and Salesforce CRM. User experience is Darcy’s passion, as is leading smart, creative teams in delivering great products that solve real-world problems. Darcy’s career has spanned several disciplines, including deep sea geophysics, operations consulting, community engagement, yoga instruction, and finally IT strategy and program management. This non-linear journey serves as her secret sauce for approaching technology differently.