Doug Parsons

Podcast, Cli-Fi, and Science Storytelling for Climate Action in the Built Environment -
15:00 pm 10/18/2019
Apache/Cochise, Tucson Convention Center

Given the urgency of the climate crisis and need for climate mitigation and adaptation in the built environment, we must consider multiple ways of communicating climate change to engage everyone. Discover how to give narrative shape to the climate crisis to reach decision-makers of the built environment, consumers of cli-fi (climate fiction) novels and films, and podcast listeners of climate adaptation stories. Learn how these climate crisis narratives meet and differ, how to navigate hope versus despair through storytelling, and effective climate communication techniques for climate action that will shape the built environment of the future.

Doug Parsons is Director of America Adapts Media and host of America Adapts – The Climate Change Podcast. A self-avowed military brat, Doug fell in love with nature as a child in Panama, where sloths, snakes, scorpions and other rainforest wildlife were in his backyard. Doug first started doing adaptation in Queensland, Australia, focusing on the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector. Upon returning to the USA, he joined the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and quickly assumed the duties of their first Climate Change Coordinator. There, he developed a first of its kind climate change course that has since been modeled by both the federal government and the state of California. Doug worked with some amazing people in Florida, developing the framework for the science and planning teams that continue to do amazing work in the Sunshine State. He also contributed to various national initiatives such as the National Fish, Wildlife and Plant Adaptation Strategy.
Doug earned a Master’s in Ecology from the Univ of Georgia in 2000, then worked as Natural Areas Policy Analyst for the Georgia Conservancy, where he led the creation and implementation of The Georgia Conservancy’s natural areas policy. In 2004, Doug moved to Australia where he balanced policy and agricultural interests and developed policies for climate change mitigation and adaptation as Policy Analyst for the Queensland Natural Resource Management Groups Collective. In 2007, he led the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, in their approach to climate change adaptation, from policy to communication. From 2011-2014, Doug was Climate Change Liaison for the National Park Service, where he created and communicated climate change messages for senior NPS officials. He then became North America Policy Director for the Society for Conservation Biology in D.C., and then began his podcasting career, hosting America Adapts in 2016 and launching America Adapts Media in 2017.

Doug is focused on building a community of adapters, expanding everyone’s ability to survive the coming climate change. To do that, he works to bring everyone into the fold, having uncomfortable conversations with climate deniers and those who are blasé or uninterested, to get them involved in these critical issues.