Dr. Eric Lyons

From Farm to Table: AI, Sensors, and Big Data Help Produce More and Better Food -
11:00 am 10/18/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

Digital Agriculture uses new and advanced technologies to enable farmers and businesses to improve food production and distribution. Researchers at The University of Arizona utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Sensors and Social Media to devise tools that empower stakeholders to make better informed decisions and ensure that we will be able to sustainably feed the growing world population.

Dr. Eric Lyons is an associate professor in the school of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona. His research focuses on scalable computational systems and infrastructure to support and accelerate life science research, and the structure, evolution, and dynamics of genomes. To support this, Dr. Lyons is a co-PI on CyVerse, a $100M NSF funded project to provide cyberinfrastructure for life science research; his research group develops and maintains the comparative genomics platform, CoGe (http://genomevolution.org), which currently stores nearly 33,000 genomes and provides dynamic tools for analyzing, comparing, and visualizing genomic data. He has authored over 70 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. Dr. Lyons also serves on the boards of the nonprofit Phoenix Bioinformatics, LLC located in Redwood City, CA, The Plant Sciences Institute at Iowa State University, and The Boyce Thompson Institute located in Ithaca, NY. Dr. Lyons has a bachelor’s degree in Immunology, Master’s degree in Microbial Biology, and PhD in Plant Biology, all earn at UC Berkeley. Prior to joining the University of Arizona, Dr. Lyons worked in biotech, pharma, and software companies around the SF Bay Area.