Genie Joseph

Arizona Film Industry Town Hall -
16:00 pm 10/15/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

Please come to this informal open format town hall meeting, where industry professionals like Randy Murray, Genie Joseph, Daryl Mallett and others will answer questions from the audience.

Could My Next Great Idea Be a Movie or a TV Show? -
13:00 pm 10/15/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

You have a great idea for a Movie or TV Series — but how will a Producer look at your project? Learn the TEN KEY POINTS a producer uses to evaluate the QUALITY of a screenplay. Come hear top Screenwriting Competition Judge and former CEO of Movie Studios explain the evaluation process.” to “You have a great idea for a movie or TV series — but how will a producer look at your project? Learn the 10 key points a producer uses to evaluate the quality of a screenplay. Come hear top screenwriting competition judge and former CEO of movie studios explain the evaluation process

Genie Joseph is an Emmy Award-winning producer/director. Formerly CEO of Hawaii Movie Studios, her feature films have been distributed by Sony, USA Cable Network; been listed on Variety’s Top 50 list and have won international awards. As a staff producer/director at KITV-4, (The ABC Affiliate in Honolulu) she directed hundreds of TV commercials. Genie is the author of twenty-five feature screenplays – seven of which have been sold and produced by independent companies. She has been a producer, director, writer and more on Spookies (1986) and “Beyond the Break,” which shot in Hawaii for three seasons for Nickelodeon (2006-09). She also ran the student intern program for that series and produced and directed a weekly cable TV talk show as well as a live-radio interview show in Hawaii for six years. With an MFA in Screenwriting and a Masters in Communications, she currently teaches Introduction to Motion Pictures and Television at Chaminade University and formerly taught Television Production and Screenwriting at Oleo, Hawaii’s Community Television. She has heard over 1,000 pitches for TV and feature films and is a screenplay judge at the prestigious PAGE International Screenwriting Contest (which receives over 7,000 entries a year). She is a sought after script consultant, and as a supervising editor has been brought in to re-edit several feature films and documentaries that were able to then be distributed on Amazon. She is a published author of two books, several short stories, and someone reads one of her online articles every four minutes. She is the creator of The Act Resilient Method, which uses improvisational comedy to help reduce the effects of PTSD. Act Resilient has been presented to over 4,000 service members and, for this work, she was presented President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award. She is the creator of The Animal Consciousness Institute and works with therapy animals as part of the Act Resilient Program.