Gina Catalano

The (co)Founders Dilemma: Making it Work and Keys to Success -
14:00 pm 10/17/2019
Graham, Tucson Convention Center

Many entrepreneur’s and founders are encouraged by investors and advisors to seek out at least another co-founder to increase their company’s chances for success and growth. But how and where do you find a co-founder? And once you’ve found someone, how do you know it’s a good fit and how do you make it work for the long haul.

Join author and entrepreneur, Gina Catalano, as she conducts a “podcast-style” interview with Zach Ferres, a founder and the CEO of Coplex, a Venture Builder that partners with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to start high-growth tech companies.

Zach sold his first technology company at the age of 24 and was recognized as one of the top 33 student entrepreneurs in the world. Zach’s experience as a founder and helping companies at Coplex develop and launch makes him exceptionally qualified to comment and advise on the “the (co)Founders Dilemma.”

Gina Catalano works with high growth CEOs to improve their operations and increase the value of their business. Sometimes referred to as the “CEO’s Swiss Army Knife”, she has over 20 years of experience leading and working with businesses and excels at integrating business development and operations.

She has authored two Amazon bestsellers, Tandem Leadership: How Your #2 Can Make You #1 and Changing Lanes: The Owner’s Guide to a Successful Exit. In Tandem Leadership she outlines an innovative strategy for entrepreneurs to work with the #2 or “second in command” leader in their company to achieve the success in all areas of their lives. Her most recent book, Changing Lanes offers a blueprint for company owners to strategically prepare themselves and their business for the last phase of business ownership.