Hannah Davis

Keynote Luncheon: Walking the Line of Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship with BANGS Shoes Founder and CEO -
12:00 pm 10/14/2019
Copper Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

Hannah Davis is the dynamic and nationally-recognized founder and CEO of BANGS Shoes– a modern shoes company that gives 20% of net profits towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world. During this luncheon you will learn about how social-entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to have a sustainable social impact at home and abroad. Come have lunch, learn, and be inspired!

I started BANGS Shoes after teaching English in China and discovering simple shoes worn by workers and farmers. Inspired by their look and the hard-working people who wear them, BANGS Shoes are designed to support you from one adventure to the next.

The BANGS community is made of people who boldly live life as an adventure, exploring every opportunity while encouraging others to do the same.

Life is an adventure. And your adventure helps others find theirs.