Isela Gaudalupe Zazueta Sra

Developing Worker-Owned Cooperatives to Build a Regenerative Society -
14:00 pm 10/14/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

For a society to achieve long-term prosperity, it has to operate based on a deep respect to all members and to all living beings. The mission of the Tucson Cooperative Network is to promote and support the creation of cooperatives, growing a regenerative community with fair wages, equal rights, equity and mutual collaboration. We tell the stories of our network members, and share how we work together to realize our vision of a prosperous and resilient Tucson, with a strong ecosystem of cooperative businesses.

This session will be presented in both English and Spanish with a live translation.

Impulso es una cooperativa lider en capacitatción y innovación. Formando y contribuyendo de manera activa al desarrolo de los miembros de la comunidad. Por la cual nuestra vision es identificar, fortalecer y empoderar habilidades y caracteristicas personales para lograr el exito de cada invididuo. Nuestros objectivos son crear conciencia para hacer cambios sociales, cultrales, y economcicos a travez de crecimeinto personal.

(Impulso is a cooperative that takes leadership in training and innovation. We actively form and contribute to the development of community members. Our vision is to identify, strengthen and empower personal skills and characteristics to achieve the success of each individual. Our goal is to create awareness to make social, cultural, and economic changes through personal growth.)