Jessica Badowski

Diversity in Entrepreneurship -
15:00 pm 10/17/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

Diversity In Entrepreneurship: What We Can Do To Create A Level Playing Field: From age to ethnicity to gender, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly diverse, however there still remains additional barriers and challenges for diverse founders. In this session you hear a multi-dimensional perspective on the topic from diverse stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem to learn best to create a level playing field for women and minority owned companies. The panel discussion will be followed by Q&A

Jessica Badowski is the owner of Too Busy Gals, a social media consulting company, established in 2008. One of her primary reasons for co-founding Too Busy Gals with her sibling Alexis Chapman was to address their combined health needs and work schedule accommodations; traditional work settings were no longer suitable. Growing from a team of 2 to a team of 10 across 2 states has been an endeavor. The company’s mission to provide top-quality service to its clients is coupled with the compassion to hire and employ team members who due to a variety of health concerns cannot work in a traditional employment setting.

Too Busy Gals has provided content development and platform management for a variety of clients including: New York Times Best-selling Authors, Emmy-Award Winning news-personalities, top real estate and insurance firms. Since moving the company from Columbus, Ohio to Tucson, Arizona clients have included: toy/novelty manufacturing plant, internationally renowned artist, medical providers, law firms, and produce farm and distributors. Too Busy gals has grown beyond the United States to work with companies as far away as Morocco and as close as Nogales, MX.

Jessica also frequently serves in leadership roles with local organizations such as the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Local First Arizona, Direct Selling Women’s Association, Girls In Tech, and a variety of community volunteer roles. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in sociology and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA. She also holds a Master’s degree in African-American Studies with a focus on community development from The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. She obtained 4 years of post-M.A. coursework in a PhD program at OSU in Multicultural Education.