John Eisele

Lessons From Green Local Businesses -
15:00 pm 10/14/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

At Local First Arizona, we’re passionate about sustainability, whether it be economic or environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with economic sustainability in ensuring that our communities can look forward to prosperous futures for all of their citizens. Local First Arizona engages with businesses across the state to educate them about how sustainability can improve their business, and then we provide them with a variety of resources and programs to help make steps towards improving their sustainability. Out program covers topics from recycling to transportation efficiency, helping businesses to save money and reduce their environmental footprint. We plan to discuss how our different programs are tackling issues that Arizona based businesses are dealing with, and how businesses are preparing for our future with a changing environment.

John Eisele is the Executive Director of the Tucson 2030 District. He is a 40-year resident of Tucson and is passionate about sustainability and environmental issues, particularly as it relates to “green” buildings. He holds a BS Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and has had a wide-ranging career, including 22+ yrs with IBM, owning several businesses and marketing a variety of environmental products in Tucson over the years. John is an enthusiastic member of the environmental community and is passionate about the expansion of the Tucson 2030 District and growing the number of high performance buildings in Tucson. John can be reached at