Jonathan Rothschild

Creative Mornings Plenary: Disrupt Yourself, Discover Your Flow -
08:30 am 10/15/2019
Copper Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

The creative professional is in constant danger of talking themselves into stagnation. As a matter of course, we erect mental barriers that both protect and limit us. Carrie Seid, a nationally recognized fine artist, has not only been there personally but has helped guide hundreds of creative professionals out of their rut and maximize their creative potential as both a teacher and a coach. During her talk Carrie, will share the lessons learned, stories, and insights to help you to dissemble and disrupt unhelpful approaches to the creative process and discover your flow as a creative professional to improve your productivity, success, and satisfaction.

**Special Guest Appearance** by Barbara Eden of I Dream of Genie and Mayor Rothschild to declare Oct 15th Barbara Eden Appreciation Day!

This event is a free community event, please use this link to register:

Building Innovative Cities: Mayor's Symposium -
09:00 am 10/11/2019
Crystal/Turquoise Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

A panel of former mayors from around the country will “talk shop” about what it takes to build communities ready for the 21st century economy with a special emphasis on what works and what doesn’t when building Innovation Ecosystems. Facilitated by Mayor Rothschild.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild came to City Hall promising accountability in government, increased emphasis on economic growth and help for those most in need.

Since taking office, the mayor has helped settle the long-standing Rio Nuevo dispute, opening a new era of downtown redevelopment. He codified and increased incentives for Tucson businesses. And, he led efforts to invest in Tucson’s roads and police and fire departments, making for better streets and a safer city.

Mayor Rothschild’s work in Mexico has been recognized in both Washington, DC and Mexico City. He is a leading advocate for developing infrastructure in Sonora and Arizona that will create an economic region where both states are prosperous and secure.

During his first year in office, the mayor focused on revamping the Planning and Development Services Department, reducing wait and processing times for building permits, and consolidating inspections.

Mayor Rothschild’s many initiatives provide examples of how he works to engage the community in creating a better Tucson.