Kristen Osgood

Technology and Food -
16:00 pm 10/14/2019
Gila, Tucson Convention Center

As our climate changes, technology will play an even more critical role in the adaptation process for the food system. Learn from this panel about some of the cutting edge technologies emerging in the agricultural sector to address issues ranging from pollinator collapse to water scarcity.

Growing up on a farm in rural Arkansas, she experienced first-hand the challenges that many farm families face, which anchored her passion for sustainable food, farming, and rural livelihood creation. Kristen’s expertise includes logistics and warehousing, sustainable food and farming, zero waste, circular economy, and regenerative strategy. Kristen’s professional interests include exploring collaborative opportunities to evolve business, grow happy healthy societies, and transcend the stagnant and transactional nature of current business practices toward practices that focus on value/impact-driven partnerships, transparency, and integrity. Kristen holds a certificate in Sustainable Food Supply Chains from the Agribusiness Academy.