Kristen Pogreba-Brown PhD, MPH

Breaking Down Scientific Silos: Using One Health to Address the World’s Wicked Problems -
11:00 am 10/14/2019
Graham, Tucson Convention Center

One Health is not a single field in health or environmental sciences, but rather an acknowledgement of the interconnectedness between humans, animals, and their environment. With this understanding, scientists from across a wide variety of expertise step away from their silos to work collaboratively. By linking their skill sets and data, they are able to address the biggest issues facing our world today. These ‘wicked problems’ include issues such as impacts of climate change on human, animal, and environmental health, development and transfer of antibiotic resistance, production of a safe and sustainable food supply, and ensuring continued biodiversity for a healthy planet.

Kristen Pogreba Brown, Ph.D., M.P.H., is an assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. Prior to joining the faculty, Dr. Pogreba-Brown was an Epidemiologist with the College as the director of the Student Aid for Field Epidemiology Response (SAFER) team. In addition to continuing to oversee the SAFER program, her research projects are focused on foodborne diseases and improving methodology to respond to outbreak investigations. She is currently working on a project to identify the risk factors related to foodborne infection as well as the risk factors related to specific chronic outcomes following acute disease. She has recently initiated a One Health Program at the University to form collaborative research teams from across campus and develop a graduate level certificate program. She is also actively involved in public health preparedness activities, specifically for large events.

Dr. Pogreba-Brown works with various county health departments in Arizona as well as the state health department to aid in outbreak investigations and serves on the state’s Foodborne Taskforce Committee.