Leslie Pardew

Escape from Indecision Hell: Data-driven Team Decision Making Escape Room -
15:00 pm 10/17/2019
Mojave/Maricopa, Tucson Convention Center

What would it be worth, if your team solves the most pressing problem your company faces today? What is the value of a great idea? The new economy is innovation and ideas are the currency that drives it. To address the ever-increasing pressure to create environments and management systems that encourage rather than discourage team problem solving, we set out on a massive research study to identify how the best teams solve problems together. The study, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, uses observational data from over 4,000 escape room teams to study of team behavior.
In this interactive session, participants will experience an escape room, which will illuminate best practices for problem solving and idea generation you can put into practice in your company today.

Les Pardew is a creative entrepreneur who in addition to founding numerous companies, has authored/coauthored 16 books on digital art, traditional art, game development and business. Prior to building his national escape room brand, Mystery Escape Room, Pardew spent 30 years in the video game industry creating games. His work includes more than 150 published video game titles (such as Magic Johnson Fast Break Basketball for the Commodore 64, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Star Wars, Wrestle Mania, NCAA Basketball, Stanley Cup Hockey, Jack Nicholas Golf, Where in the World/USA is Carman Sandiego, Tiger Woods Golf, Star Craft Brood Wars, Motocross Mania 2, Dance Sensation and Family Village to name a few.)

Pardew has become committed to understanding what makes teams work and what makes teams fail, through a research-driven approach. He offers interactive and engaging corporate training for team decision-makes at his Mystery Escape Rooms in Salt Lake City, St George, and Tucson, Arizona.