Mara Aspinall

Fourth Industrial Revolution And You: Dr. Jay Richards -
08:30 am 10/18/2019
Copper Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

The coming of the 4th Industrial Revolution has been vaunted as catastrophe for society as we know it, yet at the same time holds untold opportunity to empower communities worldwide. Dr. Jay Richards is an author and expert in the philosophy, ethics, and social impacts of technology on civilization. Together with Mara Aspirall, founder of BlueStone Venture Partner and nationally recognized expert on the 4th Industrial Revolution, the plenary session for the day will be a rich discussion on the potential for calamity or cornucopia presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution, setting the context for the discussions and breakouts to follow.

Aspinall is a healthcare industry leader and pioneer with a commitment to active civic involvement. Aspinall is Co-Founder and Managing Director of BlueStone Venture Partners LLC. BlueStone, a premier venture firm investing in life sciences based technology and innovation companies in the US Southwest. Aspinall is also CEO of Health Catalysts Group, a firm dedicated to the growth of new healthcare companies. The firm’s focus is health information technology and diagnostics firms, publishing the popular Health Catalysts Diagnostics Year in Review.

AZBio Board of Directors President and CEO, Health Catalysts Co-Founder and Managing Director, BlueStone Venture Partners LLC.