Mark Baker

Mining Disrupted: The Next 20 Years -
10:00 am 10/18/2019
Gila, Tucson Convention Center

Mining is at the cutting edge of 4IR technology, making mining jobs safer and more efficient. In this session, learn what the future of the mining industry looks like, and hear about the technology that will shape this industry in the coming years.

Prior, during and after obtaining a BSEE from the University of Arizona, Mark worked in the semiconductor industry on several early innovations. He left the semiconductor industry to become a founding principal of Modular Mining Systems. After the acquisition of Modular by Komatsu, Mark remained on the board of Modular, and was appointed to the board of Komatsu Mining Systems. During his remaining tenure, Mark was responsible for the development and commercialization of its autonomous haulage system. After retiring from Komatsu/Modular, Mark started Checkmark Consulting to provide strategic advice to mining operators and OEMs on realizing the potential value from both developing and deployed innovative technologies. As an integral team member of the Phelps Dodge/Freeport Mine Technology group, Mark contributed to the development of its in-house autonomous haulage and dozer systems. Subsequently, he engaged in a five year relationship with Caterpillar where he provided strategic product development and commercial insight to its MineStar technologies, including a variety of automation programs. In addition to CheckMark Consulting, Mark is currently a Senior Partner at Flow Partners and a founding principal of Phoenix Drill Control. As a serial entrepreneur, Mark serves as a Commercialization Partner to Tech Launch Arizona. As a result, he is a board member/advisor/mentor to Data Driven Diagnostic Sciences, Inc, Guia, LLC, Desert Saber, LLC, and a yet to be incorporated medical equipment startup. He is also Principal Advisor to Blue Planet Strategies, LLC. Mark is a board member/advisor to a variety of non-profits where he serves as a Governor for the Mining Foundation of the Southwest, a Director-at-large for the Arizona Conference of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, a member of the Global Mining Guidelines Group, a member of the MGE Industrial Leadership Board and a Director of the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources at the University of Arizona .