Nancy Spaulding

Building a Sewn Product Brand for a Hyper-Niche Market -
10:00 am 10/15/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

Join us for an interactive panel discussion from Pima Community College Fashion Design students! Once you’ve identified your hyper-niche customer, how do you take your brand to the next phase? Listen and ask questions of those who are focusing their brands in specific arenas. Hear them speak about challenges, successes, and learn about ideas to help you take your dream from concept to creation! This will be an interactive panel; questions welcomed!

I grew up in the cradle of the U.S. “Industrial Revolution” – otherwise known as New England. I was very fortunate as a child to have a mother who
enrolled me (and my sister) in arts & crafts classes at an early age. I loved learning about sewing, weaving, art and anything creative.  In college (University of Maine in Orono and the Maine College of Art), I studied clothing/textiles, textile design, and art.  During college, I worked for a high-end skiwear manufacturer and
learned how to sew on industrial machines using factory ready-to-wear sewing tricks and shortcuts, which have proven invaluable to me over the years. 
In my career I have worked for a sportswear company where did product design and market development. Later on, I worked for one of the largest hosiery firms in the U.S. based in San Diego, California, where I was responsible for brand management and product development for Victoria’s Secret, Esprit, The Walking Company, etc. I’ve freelanced for L.L. Bean, Pellon Corporation, J. Crew and have done a lot of product development (prototype design, sourcing, etc.) for smaller companies over the years.  

In 2012-2013, in Los Angeles, I helped a well-known fashion designer with a book on fashion draping, which is now published through Bloomberg/Fairchild Publishers in NYC. I was asked by the author to revamp one of the designs in the book (a design tool used for dress forms when draping) which was produced and sent to the Halston Studios in L.A. for use in their workroom. I also was named Editor of “Fashion for Profit” by Frances Harder (Los Angeles) and
assisted her with the rewrite of the 10 th edition of the well-known apparel industry “how to” book.