Niki Tilicki

Raytheon Leaders In Education Plenary Panel -
08:30 am 10/16/2019
Copper Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

Discover classroom teachers that are at the cutting edge of innovation in a fireside chat with the winners of Raytheon Leaders In Education
Award. Winners include Nicole Tilicki (Innovation Academy) and Patricia Vogel (Mansfeld) and Dr. Andrew Letters (Pueblo High School).

I believe that every child has a right to learn and no one has the right to take that away from any child. Children need to learn in an environment that is filled with fun, with the freedom to choose, the power to inspire, and holds a sense of belonging for everyone. If I can teach a child to fall in love with reading, see a true passion for writing and develop an insatiable curiosity about math, then I have helped to guide a child grow towards a love for learning and thus a lust for life!
“Dream the impossible, be passionate and achieve it, and always remember: I believe in you!” – Niki Tilicki

My journey in teaching began in 1988 at Satori School for the gifted where I taught preschool aged children. This is where I developed a sense of where I wanted to go with my education. From here, I began my student teaching at Los Amigos in Sunnyside. This was a great start for me and an opportunity to use my 12 years of Spanish study. I began teaching in Amphitheater at Rio Vista in 1992 in the 5th grade, the next year, 6th grade, and many years of summer school instructing in grades K-8. It was here that I learned that I has a passion for math! In 1999, I moved to Wilson where I taught 6th grade math, science, reading, writing, and 4th grade as well. Now, at Innovation Academy, I will once again teach a multi-age class and I am so honored to be here!