Paul Melendez

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Tap or slam on the brakes? -
11:00 am 10/14/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

As a nascent technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has surged across a variety of industries. Powerful companies, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon, as well as a plethora of small startups are undertaking major initiatives utilizing AI. AI has diversified into many uses and has taken on a variety of forms including, but not limited to, self-driving automobiles, voice command servers, navigation apps, virtual assistants, the internet of things (IoT), and facial recognition systems. The breakneck speed of AI advancements has fueled venture funding and acquisitions. While AI holds the promise of improving the human experience, it is also fraught with the perils of over-reliance on underdeveloped technologies. The session will examine how AI impacts various stakeholders and raises economic, legal, and ethical issues worthy of consideration.

Paul Melendez has been with the Eller College of Management since 1996. He earned his doctorate from The University of Arizona with a specialization in privatization. His areas of expertise are organizational ethics, international business and innovative thinking. He was previously on the faculty of the University of Arizona School of Public Administration and Policy where he taught courses in public policy, public management and the analysis of data for decision-making. He also served as assistant dean for Eller Executive Education where he successfully helped launch a nonprofit, demand-driven consulting wing for the Eller College.