Roger Gillespie

Successfully Submitting to a Film Festival -
15:00 pm 10/15/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

Submitting a film to a festival isn’t just: “Go online, send your movie and money in.” There is more to it. Come find out from festival directors and runners what makes a successful submission.

Ralph Score is one of the festival founders of the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival (SAIFF) and acts as the technical director where he oversees all qualifications for entries as well as DCP conversions for the screenings. An award-winning producer/director/engineer with over 45 years of TV and film production experience, Ralph holds an Arts degree in Broadcast Communications from Miller Institute. He is currently employed as a Media Production Specialist and Web Content Coordinator for Valley TeleCom Group where he has produced nearly 2,000 TV shows and won a National Telechoice Award for local content.