Scott Smith

Why Brand Isn't a Dirty Word and a Strong One Can Help Advance Your Mission -
10:00 am 10/14/2019
Apache/Cochise, Tucson Convention Center

You’ve done your strategic planning. You know how to talk to funders. But something’s nagging at you: The excitement you feel about your organization doesn’t come through in your marketing and communications. Your staff doesn’t know how to describe what you do beyond parroting your mission. What’s missing?
We’re here to explain why it’s a powerful and efficient way to advance your mission. Hint: A brand is not a logo. Branding is clarity and precision that can mobilize engagement and loyalty. We’ll get you thinking about the elements of a brand platform and how it can be so transformative. We’ll start with a short introduction, then you’ll work in small groups on key activities about audience needs and how to position your organization.

Key Take-Aways
1. An actionable methodology and framework so you can start getting to the heart of your organization’s brand identity.
2. How to create clear, targeted messaging that engages your audiences.

How a Strong Brand Can Be Your Business Engine -
14:00 pm 10/17/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

Come explore what brand really means and how it can propel your business. We will dig into your business’s values, positioning, and audiences and show how these become the foundation of your brand. Learn A) A methodology and framework for getting to the heart of your company’s brand identity B) How to create clear, targeted messaging that engages your audiences

Scott is a writer, strategist, and facilitator who mobilizes teams to examine the why behind their work. He is a master at translating complex information into simple, insightful systems, themes, and creative concepts. Scott has been crafting compelling content, strategies, and user experiences for well-known brands, universities, and cultural institutions for 15 years. He aligns and synthesizes content and messaging with creative concepts to communicate with multiple audiences across media channels. His early career was focused on creative writing and copy editing in various magazines in New York City and teaching writing at the City University of New York (CUNY). Scott is always encouraging us to move beyond the expected into big, bold, and different spaces. His strategy guides every project at Smith & Connors.