Stacy Growler

Artrepeneurs: Real Life Strategies for a Changing Art Market -
15:00 pm 10/15/2019
Gila, Tucson Convention Center

Today’s creative entrepreneurs have a lot of options when it comes to bring their work to new markets, from licensing agreements to digital commerce. Like all entrepreneurs, knowing your customer, how to communicate to them, and how to meet their needs is essencial for building a thriving business. Come learn more about market opportunities from successful artrepreneurs.

I never thought of myself as the artsy type. When I was growing up, I thought art was for those people who liked to color outside the lines – with no rhyme or reason. It took me many years to realize that art isn’t about coloring outside of someone else’s lines…its about making your own lines!

I’ve been a designer since I was a kid (graph paper floor plans to rearrange my room…), but my love of hands-on making really grew during my time in Architecture school. We had access to a full workshop – woodworking, metalworking, digital fabrication, etc. Each time that I learned a new skill in the shop or a new fabrication process, it expanded the limits of my design capabilities. I still take skills classes on a regular basis, and love being able to incorporate these new skills into my design process!