Tony Pineda

Developing Worker-Owned Cooperatives to Build a Regenerative Society -
14:00 pm 10/14/2019
Coconino, Tucson Convention Center

For a society to achieve long-term prosperity, it has to operate based on a deep respect to all members and to all living beings. The mission of the Tucson Cooperative Network is to promote and support the creation of cooperatives, growing a regenerative community with fair wages, equal rights, equity and mutual collaboration. We tell the stories of our network members, and share how we work together to realize our vision of a prosperous and resilient Tucson, with a strong ecosystem of cooperative businesses.

This session will be presented in both English and Spanish with a live translation.

Tony es un jornalero del centro de trabajadores del southside aprox por 4 años. El también pertenesce a la co-op Tucson Rainwater Harvesting en proceso de formación actualmente. El participe activamente en la formación de la red de cooperativas de Tucson.

(Tony is a worker of the Southside Workers Center for approximately 4 years. He also belongs to the Tucson Rainwater Harvesting co-op currently in its formation and is actively participating in the formation of the Tucson cooperative network.)