Zaira Emiliana Livier

The Impact of Social Movements -
14:00 pm 10/14/2019
Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

Everyday, grassroots organizations organize, educate and empower themselves and their communities to force neighborhood change and sway municipalities to do the things they have failed to previously act on. This panel will look at the impact of social movements, grassroots organizations, and community organizers who have fulfilled the needs caused by systemic issues. From Sanctuary Cities, to Mass Liberation, reproductive health, and sustainability; these activists/organizers have empowered armies that have turned cities upside-down overnight.

Zaira has lived in Tucson, AZ since her family immigrated from Mexico in the early 90’s. She was raised in South Tucson and eventually studied Neuroscience and philosophy at the University of Arizona. While attending the university, Zaira founded action groups Progressive Minds of America and Latinas for Bernie Sanders. In 2016 she served as Southern Arizona Director for the statewide Prop 206 minimum wage campaign which raised the state minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour by 2020. Zaira has organized with immigrant rights action committee L.U.P.E. and Jobs With Justice. Through these mediums, Zaira advocates for an end to repressive policies which put corporate profit before human need including: A just and humane immigration reform, an end to criminalization of immigrants and people of color, an end to border and police militarization, a national living wage, universal healthcare, and a strong and equitable public education system.