Zcheecid Aguirre

STEMConnect -
13:30 pm 10/16/2019
Graham/Greenlee, Tucson Convention Center

STEMConnect is a multi-sector event intended to provoke and stimulate reactions that allow us to rethink who or what “fits” into STEM. We will use several components of systems thinking including appreciation for new insights, flexible thinking, and multiple perspectives to reimagine a stronger, more integrated, inclusive and sustainable STEM ecosystem. STEMConnect will challenge your assumptions of STEM. Join us as we examine what we think about the STEM ecosystem through the Provocateur Panel where we will hear personal stories and innovative perspectives from community members. Together, we can disrupt the current state of STEM to create an inclusive culture that validates diverse experiences and careers in STEM.

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My name is Zcheecid Aguirre and I am a third year undergraduate student and Flinn Scholar at the Univerity of Arizona (UA), majoring in Japanese Cultural Studies with double minors in Spanish and Biochemistry. Though initially a Biomedical Engineering major, with a brief stint in Veterinary Science, I find that I’m constantly reminded of my love for languages in the UA’s excellent Japanese program. I am constantly changing my mind and discovering new things about myself on a daily basis. I am excited to see where life takes me after college!