Optics Vally

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Background: Arizona is home to world-class businesses and institutions with decades of innovation and leadership in optics, photonics and astronomy. Optics Valley is the optics industry cluster that represents this community. Established in 1992 as the first optics industry cluster in the world and continues today within the Arizona Technology Council (AZTC).

Mission: The mission of Optics Valley is to catalyze, convene and connect optics, photonics, astronomy, and supporting business interests throughout Arizona.

Optics Valley conducts monthly meetings composed of CEOs, academic representatives, and other key stakeholders involved in optics, photonics, and astronomy for planning future events, addressing key issues, and serving as an opportunity for business networking and member growth.

4th Industrial Revolution Keynote Luncheon: Workforce Development
Date: Oct 18, 19
Time: 12:00 pm - 13:45 pm
Location: Copper Ballroom, Tucson Convention Center

As the 4th Industrial Revolution impacts the workplace, it also impacts every one of us. Not only do employers need to focus on keeping up with advances in technology in their operations, they must also ensue their workforce is keeping…

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