TENWEST 2020 Shifts to Spring 2021

Creating “impact” is one of the central values of TENWEST festival. In the six years of the festival we have grown exponentially– each year bringing our community together to build solutions for our nation’s biggest challenges. 

Currently our nation faces one of its biggest challenges yet. In this moment of unbelievable uncertainty, the festival organizers, key stakeholders, and sponsors have convened to ask ourselves — in this moment, how can TENWEST demonstrate the most impact? How can the festival best live out its mission to collaborate, to innovate, and to serve the Southern Arizona community? 

After weeks of consideration and conversations with organizers, partners and sponsors, we feel confident and clear-minded about a decision that we believe best serves the community of Tucson and the longer-term aspirations of the festival. 

With this, we are officially announcing the shift of the full in-person experience of the TENWEST Impact Festival from October 2020 to the Spring of 2021. 

Throughout 2020 we will focus on serving the community through micro-TENWEST experiences that prepare the way for the full TENWEST Impact Festival in Spring 2021. Stay tuned for: 

  • Nimble but impactful experiences, driving at the big questions and challenges that are critically relevant to where our community is now, but that can easily be pivoted to digital given current uncertainty.
  • Serving the needs of entrepreneurs and creatives, who have been at the frontlines of the crisis by exploring content that not only addresses immediate needs, but also seeks to build long term resiliency in these sectors to weather economic uncertainty.  
  • Becoming a major supporter and collaborator for the many important events that had to reschedule from the Spring of 2020 to this Fall by making our team and resources available to lift up our partners who have experienced significant challenges as a result of the pandemic.

As organizers and stakeholders, this was a challenging and difficult decision to make as we were already ramping up many amazing experiences and speakers to bring TENWEST to life this Fall. We are excited and energized by the prospect of allowing this collective moment of reflection to transform, refine, and elevate TENWEST to something even greater than it was before. We have already been blown away by our community’s strength, kindness, and tenacity in the face of adversity. Our city has always inspired what TENWEST was, and now more than ever our city shapes what TENWEST will be.

As always, thank you to our key partners the University of Arizona, Arizona Commerce Authority, Visit Tucson, Pima Community College and Hexagon and the Startup Tucson Board of Directors for helping us come to this decision. And thank all of you for your innovation and inspiration.

– Liz, Dre, Jessica and the full TENWEST Team

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