TENWEST Pavilion: Local First Roadshow

Happening as part of Tucson Meet Yourself in the TENWEST Pavilion October 11-13, 2019 | Open daily from 11am – 6pm

Presented by Local First Arizona in collaboration with TENWEST and Tucson Meet Yourself Interactive experience in the heart of Tucson Meet Yourself showcasing a variety of Tucson local placemaking gems!

Head over to the TENWEST Pavilion in Tucson Meet Yourself (one of downtown’s most amazing and appetizing events) for family-friendly micro-workshops, activities, and demos. We want to celebrate all things local with you! Our Roadshow is a fun and interactive one-stop shop for
Tucson highlights and experiences. We invite participants to have a cozy seat in our lounge, take it easy, and learn something new about Tucson. Check out the Make Local space -to meet great local artists and make something to take home with you. Go green in our Green Local hub to learn about sustainability within our community. Step inside the Be Local zone to interact with businesses doing great things in our city. Stop by at any time to thrive and vibe with all things local that make Tucson what it is…amazing! Join us for a Tucson Trivia Gameshow and a chance to win awesome prizes!

Be Local – Showcasing Amazing Local Businesses and Nonprofits
Featuring Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition, Benefest, Natural Building Works, NexGen Partner Strategies, Southern Arizona Attractions Alliance, Vantage West Credit Union, and more!

Green Local – Discover Ways To Be Green In Your City and At Home
Featuring Tucson Clean & Beautiful, La Tierra Del Jaguar, Mrs. Green’s World, and more!

Make Local – Connecting Tucson’s Artists and Makers to the Community
Featuring Pop Cycle, QMULATIVE, Chrystal Canyon Creations, Esther’s Art, Xerocraft, and more!

Local First Arizona/TENWEST lounge – Learn Something New About Tucson Featuring TENWEST, Local First Arizona programs, Vib’n, Sam The Ant, Unscrewed Theater, and more!

The Vib’n Tucson Trivia Show with support from Tucson Comedy Alliance  – Test your Tucson history knowledge and win prizes, plus Tucson comedy! Saturday, October 12 th , 6:30-8:00 pm in the Culture Kitchen

If you are at Tucson Meet Yourself and you want to explore EVEN MORE in the TENWEST Pavilion check out the Heritage Popup Market!

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TENWEST Postponed to 2022. IdeaFunding Continues April 15, 2021.

As we close out 2020, Startup Tucson and the TENWEST team have continued to evaluate how TENWEST and our organization have the most impact in our community as we look towards recovery and resilience and how the festival can best…

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Flourishing during The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Festival Insights, Opinion Leadership

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the technological advances it brings are changing our lives as politicians, business leaders, and academics try to keep up. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is here. As the physical, digital, and biological worlds collide through…

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“The Weight of Ideas” Interactive Installation: 2019 Results

As part of the 2019 festival, TENWEST organizers hired artist Amy Jorgensen to create a collaborative art piece aimed at demonstrating if we are a cities of do-ers or dreamers. The below is a summary of the findings. Read more…

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The Weight of Ideas: an Interactive Art Installation About Your Community Impact
Guest Post

How do the individual community members of the city of Tucson promotepositive and impactful change? Not everyone can run for office orengage in urban planning, and very few have time to engage inmeaningful civic activism or advocacy. This installation attempts…

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TENWEST Moves Towards Zero Waste
Festival Insights

Did you know the average conference attendee averages around 61 pounds of waste a day?! With TENWEST occurring over 10 days and expecting thousands of attendees, that really adds up. In our mission to continue to make an impact, the…

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