The Weight of Ideas: an Interactive Art Installation About Your Community Impact

How do the individual community members of the city of Tucson promote
positive and impactful change? Not everyone can run for office or
engage in urban planning, and very few have time to engage in
meaningful civic activism or advocacy. This installation attempts to
answer this question by providing  an opportunity to engage with a
dynamic representation of the abstract ideas around civic engagement
and participation. Each participant will be able to share their ideas
and plans for the future of the Old Pueblo.

 While designing this project, I was inspired by three elements:
• The Scales of Justice: A symbol of the concept of Justice and the
delicate balance between opposing moral forces that justice requires,
without which we cannot move forward in a fair and just way.

• Tibetan Prayer Wheels:  When spun, these wheels release a prayer to
the cosmos in communication with the higher order of the universe. The
wheels serve as a symbol of intention-setting and how beliefs and
thoughts create reality.

 • The Fibonacci Spiral: Living in a large city can inure one to the
many manifestations of the laws of nature. These timeless laws are
ineluctable and ubiquitous despite their concealment behind the
trappings of urbanity. The Fibonacci spiral design (determined by the
Golden Ratio) permeates the natural world and dictates the organically
perfect pattern in everything from pine-cones, snowflakes, and
sunflowers, to abstract concepts underlying everything in the natural
order like math and science.

The most important part of the project is the interactive component,
which transforms a passerby into an artist. These contributions will
cause the installation to change over time, and with several kinetic
features, the sculpture will be in constant movement. This time-based
art project will serve as a reminder of the constant passage of time
and movement of matter, however imperceptible.

 Our movement forward as a community is solely determined by us, our
ideas, and our capacity to act on those ideas. My intent is that the
project will help us come together in whatever small but meaningful
way while inspiring us to recognize and exercise our own agency. By
discovering the balance between our ideas and actions, we can improve
this beloved city in the spirit of community that binds us together.

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